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Reunion 2016 is now history

We met May 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of 2016 at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Phoenix. Marriott did a wonderful job for us.  Rooms were $85 a night or $105 per night with breakfast for two.

Thursday May 5th was arrival day.  Registration opened at about 10 am on May 5th.  Bill Wilson and his daughter Charrisa did a great job at the registration table all day long.  The Vets attending each got a special reunion hat.  The ladies attending got a tote bag.  The hospitality suite was open until 10pm that night. Everyone got programs and name badges too.


Some of our special speakers and panel members were Tom Hamilton, Donald Fedynak, Peter Berlin, Michael Boggs, Eric Winston, Ken Wingender, Ed HerrNeckar, Ralph Smith, Bob Perkins (Army Pictorial Center), Army 123rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD) Photographer Sp4 Chris Alcocer, (Ret) Colonel Keith Essen Veterans Administration with Michael Loehrer, Bill San Hamel, Bill Kelly, the Hon R. Keegan Federal, Jr., 221st Facebook Group founder and administrator Roger Hawkins and Honorary 221st member, Active duty Combat Photographer and now SFC Kaily Brown.  

Time was allocated in general session for those that wished to show slides or digital pictures. Limit was 20 pictures per Veteran. Carousel projector, video projector and laptop computer were used. Mostly it was digital images this time.   

There was a half-staff flag ceremony on May 9th at 7:15 am in the morning for our five photographers  and four crew members who were KIA in the shoot down of Ghostriders 079 on May 9, 1970.  Christopher Childs, IV lowered the flag in honor of his father and all the others.  

Since this was an airport hotel, there was little need to rent a car. The hotel provided  24/7 complimentary airport shuttle.   For those that drove, parking was free for guests of the hotel, as well as for any one attending the reunion.  There was no requirement to stay at the hotel.  

The Reunion was limited to 221st Signal Vets, their wives or guests only. This most definitely included immediate family (and their guests) of our fallen and also immediate family of those of our Vets who are now deceased.    

 There was a registration fee
 to attend of $110 per person.

“Future reunion plans are undecided.  
Suggestions included Milwaukee, Atlanta and Orlando.  
Earliest reunion date contemplated was Sept or Oct 2017.”
- Paul

Suggestions or comments welcome



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Phoenix Airport Marriott Hotel

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