221st Signal Company (Pictorial) U.S. Army Vietnam Southeast Asia Pictorial Center 1967 - 1972 221st Crest Larry fisher sound film

“This was an exercise with a sound-on-film camera (likely an Auricon)  from Motion Picture School.   Here is what I remember: I think this was an exercise in using a 16mm sound camera and the whole interview was ad-libbed. Too many years have passed to remember where or who was involved.”  - Larry Fisher

This is rare sound footage from Film School at Fort Monmouth from Larry Fisher.  Shot on May 22, 1969, Larry appears in the film as the “host” with someone he calls “Hugh Huggard” as the “guest”.  Chris Jensen shot the footage and it appears SFC Wiedemann was the NCOIC.  If anyone can correct this please email me: pberk@berks.com    

Turns out that 1Lt Michael Loehrer remembers Sp4 John D Huggard as being on his photo team “for about 3 months” in 1969.  On the left is Huggard (L), Loehrer (R) and the CM16 sound-on-film camera.